Make Your Brand Recognizable.

Confidently stand out so you’re seen as the sought-after, go-to expert for your specialty.


Get known for your speciality, work only with dream clients, and add more money to your bottom line using the same framework my clients have used to transform their businesses.  

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The Brand Authority Accelerator

You can easily go from 100k/year to 100k in 6 months without having to double your marketing, hustle, or to-do list.

The Brand Authority Accelerator is designed to help you create premium brand messaging so you can effortlessly create more sales without more marketing, hustle, or hassle. 

It’s an 8-week private 1:1 done-with-you experience that takes you through the 5-step framework my clients have used to add $10k/mo to their revenue, close 50k+ deals, and consistently book out with high-ticket clients,

You’ll walk away knowing how to position yourself as the unique solution your ideal client needs and what you need to say to get ideal clients wanting to work with you, no questions asked. 

The ProlificBanana Process Breakdown

  1. There are 5 workshop-style intensives during this 8-week engagement and develop each piece of the framework.
  2. You will have pre-work and action items to complete after each intensive with check-ins between.
  3. Everything we develop will be in a brand strategy document that you can reference and edit as-needed as you grow your business 
  4. Between meetings, you’ll have email and Voxer/WhatsApp access to have rapid-fire feedback to stay on track and move forward.

What we’ll Cover:

Your Brand DNA

Internal Brand Strategy (AKA – Your North Star)

We will refine your brand promise, bigger vision, values, beliefs, and your brand personality so it’s easy to stay consistent cross-channel and cross-collateral.

It’ll be easy for you to onboard team member and build a culture that reflects the caliber of business you want to run.

This framework becomes the compass for your brand + business decisions moving forward.

Target Market and Champion Client

It all comes down to who you’re trying to talk to.

  • We’ll identify your target market for your business and your champion client for your offer(s). We will go WAY beyond a “persona worksheet” and cover
    • Buyer psychology of your ideal client
    • Brand behaviors
    • Niche
    • Trigger Phrases
    • Client Sophisticaion and Journey
Your High Ticket Offer

We’ll make sure your high ticket offer has what it needs so you can make easy sales more quickly.

High ticket offers aren’t just regular offers you slap a high price on. 

We will make sure you have the core elements you need:

  • Program outcome
  • Premium Pricing Positioning
  • Offer Differentiation
  • Program Pillars
Unique Positioning

We will clarify your differentiators at two levels: your business and your offer. This will help us frame how to position you so you are seen as the unique solution your ideal client needs. 

This includes:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Internal Brand Audit 
  • Other elements from the framework
Create Your Client-Attracting Messaging Framework

Now it’s time to bridge the gap between your messaging and your marketing. 

We’ll develop your messaging framework so you’ll know what to say and how to say it, no matter where you’re at or who you’re talking to. 

This includes:

  • Expert statements
  • Taglines
  • Bio Statements 
  • Messaging Themes 
  • High-level Content Pillars

The Brand Authority Accelerator will help you:

  • Create premium messaging that helps you collapse the time it takes to nurture and convert your audience into sales
  • Position you as the go-to authority for your solution
  • Create a foundation for consistent and effortless sales and prepare you for scaling

You can easily get to $20, $25k+ months while keeping whitespace in your calendar.

Megan has impeccable experience with brand strategy, and consultancy. She provided invaluable coaching resources to help me steer my brand in the right direction.

-Ryan Reiffenberger, Reiffenberger.NET