How to Create Taglines and Messaging

Elevator talk can be awkward. 

Especially when you have no idea how to talk about what you do and who you serve in one sentence. We have all been there. My go-to response was “I’m a graphic designer”. It was quick, easy, and honestly – not a lot of people even knew what it was. It was frustrating for me to want to expand upon it without going into a 10-minute history lesson.

My problem wasn’t my occupation. The problem was that I was focusing on myself. Not my clients. My business isn’t about me. It’s about helping others. By focusing on client problems and how you can solve those problems – it becomes easier to talk about your business with complete strangers.

Taglines open doors.

Delivering a quick and thorough elevator pitch allows the other person to immediately start taking interest. More often than not, this allows you to speak further on your business. This is where your mission statements and core messaging becomes useful. You can expand upon your tagline by going deeper into how you solve problems for your customers.

No one wants to listen to a 10-minute lecture they didn’t ask for. Instead of immersing a complete stranger into the inner-workings of your business – you warm them up with your tagline. If they are interested, you have the green-light to deep-dive a bit further into why you work with customers and how you solve their problems.

Client problems + Your Solutions = Your Business

The core of your tagline is the sum of your client’s problem and your solutions to that particular problem. That part is not difficult. What is difficult is focusing on the most important problem and solution combination. The most of us offer a variety of services and our customers have a variety of problems. Our job is to identify the problem our customers most identify with and the solution that will change their lives and businesses the most.

So, if you’re ready to get started on creating a tagline that catches the eye of your ideal customer, go on and download the Tagline and Messaging guide I’ve provided for you.

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