Tired of reinventing the wheel for every client?

Are you interested in developing a system of processes and workflows for your freelance design business?

Are you a new freelance design business owner? Frustrated with just flying by the seat of your pants with no process or workflow to guide you? Are you feeling like your use of time is inefficient? As creatives, we like to focus on what we’re great at – design! Unfortunately, that leaves us scrambling when it comes to the business side of design.

This course, geared for people just like you, will help you:

  • Ditch the Negative Nancy mindset
  • Identify weak spots in your processes
  • Understand what workflows are really for
  • Get clear on why you (and your clients) need them
  • Get clear on what you offer and for how much
  • Create detailed list of services and packages
  • Decide how you want your workflow and processes to work FOR you
  • Create custom-tailored  forms like proposals, lead capture forms, quotes, and more!
  • Create custom workflows for on-boarding
  • Create custom workflows for project management
  • Create custom workflows for project completion and getting those testimonials
  • Learn how to use your new system to create trust on your website and marketing materials
  • Bonus resources on different Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Bonus resources on invoicing and bookkeeping software
  • Bonus training on implementing workflows with a CRM (customer relationship manager)
  • Weekly co-working days
  • Weekly live office hours
  • Unlimited email support

The course will last 4 weeks

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Megan Vaughan

Megan Vaughan


Hi, I’m Megan Vaughan. I’m the owner and creative behind ProlificBanana. I graduated from Buena Vista University with my BA in graphic design and communication. In the last 10 years, I’ve worked both in the corporate world and for myself as a freelance business owner. After years of just flying by the seat of my pants and recreating the wheel for every client project that came my way, I decided that enough is enough. I sat my butt down, figured out what process (or journey) I wanted my clients to take when interacting with me. I thought I was alone in this quest to figure it out because I couldn’t find much information about workflows and processes. After talking with dozens of other designers, I realized that I was not alone. Let’s embark on this journey together and create some workflows that gets results!