Logo Design for a Young Professionals Group

Logo Design for a Young Professionals Group

Regardless of the town size, it’s important for all communities to have a young professionals group.

I was commissioned to create a logo design for a young professionals group, located in Jefferson, Iowa. The Greene Group strives to provide educational seminars as well as social and professional networking events for young professionals in the Greene County Area.

Logo Design for Young Professionals Group

Since the group is not officially part of the Young Professionals Group, the goal was to convey the idea of Young Professionals as well as indicating that it was for young professionals in the Greene County, Iowa area.


  • Versatile logo
  • Clean and minimalist approach
  • Indicate it is for Greene County, Iowa residents


Sketchbook, pencil, marker, and Adobe Illustrator.

The process

I met with the board of the Greene Group to discuss what the goals of the group, their mission, and how they were planning on accomplishing these goals. During this meeting we discussed ideas they had for the logo, the colors they were thinking of using, and the type of feeling they wanted to invoke when people interacted with their brand.

Solutions for the Logo Design and Branding

I played around with a few ideas that were thrown out during the meeting as well as some ideas I had from the research and discovery I had done.

The group decided to use the letter G with clear, easy to read text below the icon. They wanted something strong, simple and versatile.

A sans-serif font was chosen for the text portion of the logo. It’s clean, streamlined, and showcases that the group is for professionals. The sans-serif font comes off as more modern than a serif font would. The combination of the light-weight font and the spacing of the letters also gives the logo a more modern feel.