I had the opportunity to work with Landus CooperativeTM 

Landus CooperativeTM is a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative, headquartered in Ames, Iowa. It has a global reach and a local touch with more than 725 full-time employees at locations in more than 70 communities in Iowa and Minnesota.

Landus Cooperative is one of North America’s largest grain storage companies.

This membership brochure is an important piece of marketing collateral.  Being mailed to a large number of residents in Iowa communities, this brochure had to make a big impact – and fast.

Their existing branding style guides had to be followed in order to create consistency. Consistency is how you gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. The brochure needed to use images of their members, their buildings, and employees.

The brochure is folded into three sections. It appears to be a bi-fold. It contains a return postcard for new members to send their payment and information. This is a perfect example of design and function working together.

Remember – be creative in your marketing but most importantly, make it easy for your customers. Barriers equal no sales.