Small Business Website for Illustros Design


Illustros Design – For Small Businesses

Illustros Design is a design agency specializing in producing high quality designs for those every day projects, like social media graphics, blog posts, graphics for websites.

If you’re busy creating content for your brand, then you’re well aware of how much time it can take to make graphics for all of your social media, your website, and your blog post. How about graphics for you email campaign? Let’s not even get into the graphic design work needed for all of your online and traditional marketing collateral. It can add up!

This is where Illustros Design comes in. They needed a website that allows small business owners to create an account, pay for the service, and immediately get connected with a designer so they can get to work on all of those projects.

Membership and Payments

Illustros Design needed to be able to take payment online as well as have the ability for users to create an account. They wanted to automate the process of becoming a client as much as possible while also making it easy to navigate and understand.

They also wanted to play into the “futuristic” and “space” theme, while looking professional, creative, and ultimately portraying the high quality of work they are capable of.


  • Membership capabilities
  • Payment Gateway
  • Clean and modern design

Possible Difficulties

We did not want to over-complicate their website homepage with portfolio work, their processes, steps on how to communicate with the team, and other important information. We decided to focus on the theme of “working with Illustros” in order to create a clear and concise message for the website viewer. The other elements will support this overall message but be located throughout the site.

Solutions for Illustros

We wanted to keep the website minimal – no more than 3 top-level pages and the Privacy/Terms of Condition pages. In order to make this work, we worked on creating a layout that allowed us to display information in a concise yet compelling way.

We utilized thick lines, bold colors, and icons to help users navigate the process of how to work with Illustros. It was important that we made information readily available for their potential customers.

They didn’t have a lot of money to spend on plugins, so for the membership area we utilized a free plugin and I custom-coded the pages to keep everything on brand, as we did not want to create any confusion for those viewing the pricing plans and membership area pages.

On-Going Relationship

As this is an on-going relationship, I will be monitoring their traffic through Google Analytics as well as tracking email subscribers. I’ll be working with them to create online marketing strategies as well as a brand strategy to raise brand awareness, get more sales, and increase client retention for their services.