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Horizon Peak Consulting is a copywriting agency located in Colorado. They provide conversion content with measurable marketing results for IT, software and tech.

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Horizon Peak Consulting

No longer a one-person operation.

Horizon Peak Consulting combines sales-focused copywriting with content creation to help IT, software and tech companies turn content into revenue. Their priority is to help their clients produce actual, quantifiable results.

The goal? Organize their information, portray the company as the larger agency they’ve grown to be, and to make it easier for potential clients to start Horizon Peak Consulting’s unique onboarding process.

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Horizon Peak Consulting is an established business who has worked with IT, software and tech companies. The business had grown over the years from being a one-person operation to a full copywriting consultancy.

With a unique and proprietary research methodology, Horizon Peak Consulting needed to display their information in a way that best connected with their target demographic. Mapping out the user-journey to both create efficiency and easy while also aligning with HPC’s on boarding processes was key.

What Brought Horizon Peak Consulting to ProlificBanana?

Jessica Mehring, CEO and owner of Horizon Peak Consulting, had been referred to me from another developer to fix issues with her Divi website. We were able to fix those issues smoothly and quickly.

Having a seamless time working together with a successful outcome, Jessica inquired about a redesign on her current website for her main business, Horizon Peak Consulting.

The frustrations:

The current website wasn’t accurately reflecting the copywriting consulting business that she had built up over the years. It focused solely on her, as a one-person operation, which was no longer the case. 

Her business grew and she now has a team, which was not reflected on the website. She wanted to be seen as larger and more professional, capture more leads, and ultimately make it easier for potential clients to get started with her onboarding process.

To further her frustration, the technical aspect of updating her site was becoming increasingly more time-consuming. There were issues with her header image, as well as other coding issues throughout the website.

We scheduled an hour long consultation call to go over her current site. In this consultation, we discussed what was working, what she wanted to see changed, what her goals were, and how her target audience actually used her website.

This information led to a few suggestions I made regarding the user-journey of her audience. It was important that the user-journey clearly matched her very specific process for on-boarding clients. Agreeing with the solutions I was proposing, Jessica decided to move forward with the redesign.

Due to the amount of content on the website, we scheduled the website design and development project out a couple of months. It was important that she had time to revise content and structure before we started digging in.


The video shows a walk-through of the old website. The main issue with the website was the flow of information. With a lack of visual hierarchy and direction for the user, the majority of information was easy to pass up.

Getting to certain sections of the website were also more work than necessary. As Jessica and I went through the old site, we discussed solutions to various problems she was facing. This conversation was the start of the discovery and research process.

What were the goals for this project?

Main Objectives:

  1. Restructuring information and user-journey
  2. Easy management
  3. Portray agency as larger than one person

The biggest hurdle with the current website was the layout and flow of the information presented. Being a copywriter, Jessica had a unique problem – a ton of great information that was perfect for connecting with her target market that was not being used effectively.

We needed to establish a hierarchy for her content. This led to some restructuring of her content to accurately reflect her onboarding process while also making it as easy as possible for a potential client to begin that process.

Besides the layout and flow of the content, there were technical issues from her current WordPress theme that were making it difficult for her to update the website herself. It was important to her that updating her website was easy enough for her or someone from  her team to make.

One way to make it easier for her to add pages was to create a footer with some custom code in there to house important links she wanted at the bottom and sign up form. I also created a few various layouts for her to import into a new page. Each layout had various elements from the site so it would be easy to pick and choose which sections were needed for a new page.

By restructuring the flow of information and improving user-journey, we were able to easily meet our goal of portraying the business as a larger agency. The original website utilized the pronoun “I” and spoke as a one-person operation. By revising the copy, giving the end-user clear directions about processes and how to start the onboarding process, we were able elevate the perception of the business. 

Shown here is the evolution of the new homepage structure and flow of information. This is considered more of a high-res mockup. As some of the content ended up changing, we were able to quickly adjust the layout of certain sections. We then focused on highlighting certain elements with a secondary color. The orange was chosen as it’s trusting, energetic, and is great for a strong CTA (call-to-action).

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