Jamie Skinner is the owner of Orgefficiency and an expert in organizational efficiency. She wanted to pivot her business from offering only accounting solutions to offering CFO services. 

Brand Strategy – Messaging + Positioning

Solving bigger problems in a new market.

Jamie knew she was ready to solve bigger problems. She was even looking into joining the job force again as she was bored solving “small problems” for her clients. She wanted a bigger challenge and to create more impact with the work she was doing. 

With her experience in the construction industry, she knew she could handle a lot of moving pieces. She wanted to move into the CPG industry (as well as a few others that had a lot of line items to manage). 

Mostly, she was interested in helping businesses align their accounting and operations, to create a powerful, streamlined process that allows them to do more with less. 

The Challenge:

Being new in an industry meant a lot of work upfront in building connections, researching the audience, and figuring out who was already in the space doing what she did (or something similar). 

We also needed to figure out how to talk about her services in a way that made sense to her audience. 

She needed differentiators that would help her not only stand out but also easily tell people what she did and why her clients should choose her. 


Scope of Work

  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Audit
  • Brand Messaging
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand Positioning
  • Offer Creation/Elevation
  • Taglines and talking points 


Main Objectives:

  • Identifying what people she needed to connect with on LinkedIn
  • Create and clear expert statement and elevator pitch so she could easily introduce herself
  • Clearly defined differentiators and positioning so she knew where she fit into the marketplace
  • Create marketing plan for her to build awareness and connect with the right people.

Our biggest challenge was to really figure out who made hiring decisions for the types of companies she wanted to work with and come up with a list of places where she could connect with these people.

Being new in the space, she had to build relationships and get noticed by prominent people within the industry, as it was a tight-knit community who chose service providers primarily from referrals.

It was vital that we used her skills and experience to help position her as a unique asset to a company facing fast growth.


  • She has formed connections and been featured on podcasts within the industry 
  • She has created a Fractional CFO package that encompasses her old signature service, creating an experience for clients that gets even more results. 
  • She raised her rates and needs less than half of the clients she used to need to meet her financial goals

Are you ready to be seen as an expert and focus on scaling your business?