Kristiina Craven – Marketing Strategist

Kristiina Craven is a marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs find the right clients by developing a strategic sales funnel that takes the hassle and stress away.

Project Scope:

Brand Strategy | Logo Design | Website Design

More than just looking the part…

Tired of being held back by a brand that didn’t portray her as the skilled expert she was…

Kristinna decided it was time to do more than D.I.Y her brand – she was ready to build the foundation that would give her visibility, credibility, and allow her to confidently take on opportunities that will grow her business. 

While she was confident in the work she helped her clients with, she wasn’t pleased with how her brand was being portrayed across social media, her site, or her marketing. 

She felt she was holding herself back from opportunities that would give her more visibility (and more authority). With a big networking opportunity looking in the near future – it was time to get serious and get to work on creating a brand she was excited about.

The frustrations:

Her website was outdated and not reflecting who she was as a business anymore. She didn’t have any defined visual branding standards and was looking to build something cohesive that could grow with her. 


Scope of Work

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity Design System (Logo, Sub-mark, favicon, colors, typography, style guide)
  • Website Wireframing and mockup
  • Website Design and Development



  • Clear understanding of brand voice and who she’s talking to
  • Was able to easily make pivots in her business without needing to revamp her brand – it grew with her, making it a smooth shift. 
  • Attracts clients who are delighted to work with her


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