Addie's Boutique Website Design

Addie’s Boutique – Jefferson, Iowa

Addie’s Boutique is a small boutique located in Jefferson, Iowa.

They specialize in women’s clothing for all ages. Their mission is to have their customers feeling confident and beautiful after every visit. Addie’s has a cozy atmosphere and great customer service. Heidi Naberhaus owns and operates this cute shop on the Jefferson square.

Website Design and Development

Addie’s Boutique only had a Facebook presence. They had an online shop at one point, but it was too difficult and time-consuming to update. They are active on Facebook and consistently post throughout the week. People love seeing their new items and interacting with the store owner. For those that don’t use Facebook though, the only way to know what was knew was to either call or walk into the shop.

Heidi wanted to give other customers a way to stay in the loop and know when new things were in the store. She wanted a way to get new people to know about her shop and stop in when they were visiting Jefferson, Iowa.


  • Have an online presence that showcases items in the store.
  • Gather email addresses from visitors to begin email marketing.
  • Get interested customers to call the store about items in the shop.

Solutions for the Boutique

We created a website that reflected her brand and mission. We made sure to focus our attention on SEO to help target those local customers. We made sure she was showing up on Google searches and local business directories.

We began by discussing what she liked, what she wanted for her site, and what would make sense. I created a few mockups for her to go through and after a few revisions, we started developing the site. I suggested she get a professional photographer to take pictures of her wonderful shop, so that we could beautifully display her store as it is when you walk in. The photos were a big help in creating an atmosphere within the website and help give customers a taste of what they can see when they go in.

Her Facebook page is still heavily used by customers and she is very active and consistent on posting to the platform. I update her website weekly with images and content, if necessary.

We have her started on an email marketing platform so that she can collect email addresses and send out newsletters as the holidays progress.