Lacey Skorepa – Academic Coach

As a writer, professor, and editor, her goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve their writing and communication goals. 

Scope of work:

Brand Strategy | Logo Design | UX Design | Web Design & Development

Branding and Website Design

Discovery and Research



User Journey


Design and Development



Looking to begin her entrepreneurial journey, this academic professor needed to have a brand that positioned her as an academic coach and copyediting expert. 

The frustrations:

This was a new business venture for Lacey. She comes from the world of Academia and was ready to embark on her entrepeneurial journey. 

With years of experience and a long-list of capabilities, it was essential that her brand and website positioned her as more than a copywriter and proofreader. 

To add to the confusion, she had a variety of offers that could potentially overwhelm a potential client. 


Scope of Work

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • User Journey
  • Website Design and Development


The video shows a walk-through of the old website. The main issue with the website was the flow of information. With a lack of visual hierarchy and direction for the user, the majority of information was easy to pass up.

Getting to certain sections of the website were also more work than necessary. As Jessica and I went through the old site, we discussed solutions to various problems she was facing. This conversation was the start of the discovery and research process.

Main Objectives:

  • Define Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Color palette 
  • Typography
  • User Journey 
  • Website Design and Development

Shown here is the evolution of the new homepage structure and flow of information. This is considered more of a high-res mockup. As some of the content ended up changing, we were able to quickly adjust the layout of certain sections. We then focused on highlighting certain elements with a secondary color. The orange was chosen as it’s trusting, energetic, and is great for a strong CTA (call-to-action).


  • 167% ROI within 2 weeks of launching site
  • Multiple 4-figure projects within 1 month of site launch

Within two weeks of launchign the website, Jessica signed on a client that gave her an ROI of 167%. This client mentioned how much they loved how easy the process was to book a project with her. 

Within a month, a lead booked a call overnight for a discovery call in the morning and paid for the project on that call. They specifically said that they “felt like they knew her” and “wanted to work with her ASAP” just from how the website guided them through getting to know her and how to begin working with her. 

Are you ready to be seen as an expert and focus on scaling your business?