Implement your Brand
By Megan Vaughan

Having a ton of titles after your name won’t guarantee success. Nor will signing up for another course, webinar, or freebie.

I wish it did.

My go-to strategy for when I feel stuck, unmotivated, or not worthy is to learn more.

“Maybe if I read one more book I’ll get it”

“I’ll just get a certification and then I’ll be successful”

“Maybe this freebie / course / membership will give me what I need”

Those things can help you, but only if you do this one critical thing.


If you’re a life-long learner and someone who feels that they need to be over-prepared and qualified before taking action – I see you.

Unfortunately, all of that knowledge is going to waste if you don’t take intentional action with what you’ve learned.

I’ve gotten into the habit of putting parameters around my learning. (ex. I read for 5 pages and then have to write a summary of what I learned – this often turns into social posts and/or blog content)

Don’t let your knowledge sit in Evernote or in a Google doc.

Go do something with it, get some experience, get your data, and then make your next move.

The beautiful part about getting clarity around your positioning and messaging is that you get to use your unique knowledge and skills without feeling like you need to do more. When you understand your unique differences and why your perfect client wants and needs you, it’s easy to take action daily.

Need help better articulating your value and getting more perfecting clients coming to you? Check out my free resources on premium positioning and when you’re ready, reach out to chat about working together to elevate your brand so you can step into the next phase of your business.

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