Give Away Value in Your Free Content
By Megan Vaughan

Give away the farm.

To assume that your audience can’t access information readily on Google is a bit absurd.

If they wanted to learn how to do it, they would.

“What if they take the information and run?”


You want them to take your free information and get a result.

If they get a taste of success or progression forward from your free stuff, then they can only imagine what it’d be like to work with you.

The free stuff is going to give them a preview.

Working with you is going to get them the full transformation.

As a service provider, someone is working with you for one (or more) of these reasons:

1) You’re saving them time
2) You’re saving them frustration
3) You’re helping them avoid mistakes and pitfalls
4) Accountability

The content I give away can easily help someone position their messaging in a way that is more attractive to their ideal client and starts positioning them as an industry authority.

Working with me 1:1 expedites the experience of overhauling their entire brand and giving them the tools to tackle growth and alignment as they continue forward.

It’s not about landing one client from a post.

It’s about creating a brand that gives them longevity so they can focus on building a legacy.

This applies to the work you do, as well. Your ideal client wants your help, your custom feedback, and your expertise. Giving away value in your free content positions you as an industry authority and helps you attract perfect-fit clients.

They also want to trust that you’re able to help them achieve the result they’re looking to get.

If you don’t talk about your expertise and showcase your knowledge, how will they know that?

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