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Create Sales Pages that (Actually) Sell

Learn how to build, format, and write sales pages that get you sales

2-hour online workshop | Friday, June 28th at 1:00 PM CST

 So you need to build a sales page for your new offer …

… but you don’t know the first thing about creating a page, much less a page that actually will make people take action and hand over their moolah for the thing you can help them with.


That’s why we’re teaming up for this 2-hour workshop to teach you what you need to know to build, format, and write sales pages that actually convert.

Meaning you’ll have a sales page that:

Doesn’t make your reader’s eyes hurt from bad design practices (it’s okay, you might not know any better)

Doesn’t leave your reader confused about what it is that you’re actually selling and how it applies to them

Doesn’t leave them wondering what the next step is that they need to take and how to give you their money

So YOU + YOUR DEDICATED INSTRUCTORS (that’s us) + 2 HOURS OF YOUR TIME = $$$ in your bank account.

Oh, and we’re basically giving this to you for the low price of $147.

You in?

Will I benefit from this workshop?

So we wanna make this a no-brainer for you. Does the following sound like you?

“I have a service-based business.” No shade against eCommerce, but our expertise is with service-based business, so the principles discussed will be best suited for those who provide a service for their customers.

“I have a defined offer.” We’re not going to discuss how to package your offer, so if you’re not clear on what services you provide and who you provide them for, you might want to check out Megan’s free Facebook group to get clear on your niche.

“I am tired of trying to figure out this sales page thing.” The tech. The copy. The design. If all of it is leaving you in a state of panic, come here and let us help show you exactly what you need to know.

Who are these instructors you speak of?

Oh hey!

Megan and Mia here. We own two very different businesses, but these biz buds are teaming up to bring you this totally awesome workshop: Sales Pages that Sell.

Megan Vaughan is Creative Director and Owner of ProlificBanana, a branding and design studio for entrepreneurs looking to attract perfect-fit clients through impeccable branding. Basically, she’s the bomb-dot-com at strategizing your branding and bringing it to life with beautiful design.
Mia Francis-Poulin is the owner of R + A Creative Co., a marketing consultancy for female entrepreneurs looking to launch their next big offer in their business. As part of her services, she helps clients strategize and write copy that speaks to their audience’s key desires. High-converting sales pages are her superpower — and even her free workshops have earned some students multiple 5-figures in their business while they sleep. (Livin’ the dream, amirite?)

With our powers combined, we’re going to teach you how to build, format, and write sales pages that sell. There’s no fluff here. Nothing here that you could get with a dedicated Google search.

We’re teaming up to bring our combined 30 years *gasp* of experience on sales pages so you can know what you need to know to actually stop getting lost building your pages and start making money.


Sound good?

So how does this work?

This is a virtual workshop held via Zoom (which is like Skype, but for businesses). When you sign up, you’ll receive all the information you need to hop on the workshop. Literally, all you’ll need to do is click the link in your email.

Your mic will be muted and you don’t have to be seen if you don’t want to. (Show up in your PJs if you want to — we won’t judge. Promise.)

Get ready to learn. The first part of the workshop will be filled with practical guidance about copy, design, and formatting best practices. For the second half, we’ll go over existing sales pages to show what does work and what doesn’t, and open up the floor for your specific questions.

On the workshop, we’ll go over:

• The psychology of building your sales page so that people actually want to buy

• How to tell your brand story in a way that resonates with audiences

• What key design principles you must follow to position your sales page for more sales

• What tech you need to get started and what you really don’t need

• Examples of sales pages that work, ones that don’t, and what’s keeping them from converting

Are you ready to get the help you actually need to make your sales pages work for you?

Reserve your spot today!

So how does this work?

The price of this workshop is $147, and there are only 20 seats for this workshop. (We’re gonna be taking your questions live and we’re only two people!)

But think about this:

When was the last time you spent less than $150 on your business and it actually resulted in more money coming in?

Well, that’s what happens when you snag this live workshop. By positioning your sales pages for success, you’ll be able to directly see the return on investment.

Plus, the people who sign up within the next 48 hours (when this clock runs out!) will receive a free sales page audit* from Megan and Mia. So not only will you learn what you need to know to make dope sales pages, you’ll also get direct feedback on what you’re doing.








So don’t be the roadblock to you maximizing your earning potential.

BTW, a replay will be sent out, so even if you can’t make it live, you still will be able to get all the sales page goodness in this workshop.

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*Free sales page audit includes a recorded walkthrough video with Mia and/or Megan giving specific feedback on your sales page. You must submit the sales page via the form that will be provided via email. Turnaround time for the audit is up to 14 working days, but we will try to get it to you sooner.

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