Branding Your Business: Increase Your Brand Awareness
By Megan Vaughan

Position yourself as a premium consultant by leveraging your brand 

Building brand awareness is a long game strategy, but it’s how you build brand affinity and loyal followers who’ll buy whatever you offer.

There are many ways to build brand awareness (paid traffic, strategic partners, podcasts, etc ) but they all boil down to these three main things.


3 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness (As proven by my clients)

Leverage Your Unique Voice

If you sound like everyone else, you’ll be forgotten, looked over, and passed by.

When you embrace your brand’s personality, quirks (quirks and all), you connect more easily with your audience.

My client, Craig, has embraced his casual, yet “get it done” approach. He teaches people how to package and sell one signature service. Through his unique methodology and personality, he is able to stand out in an industry full of “sales coaches”.

Have An Opinion

If you are polarising and share a strong opinion, you can easily attract those who are like-minded and push away those that aren’t.

This isn’t to say that you need to put others down, call anyone out or be negative.

Instead, think of your own, unique views on your industry. What best practices are outdated, in your mind? What needs to be changed? In a perfect world, what would have been accomplished, in regards to what you do?

My client, Amanda, prides her business in NOT being traditional. She challenges the status quo and thinks outside the box to help businesses in the tech industry breathe life back into their marketing. She is a breathe of fresh air for her industry.

Have a Strategy

Know how you want your brand to be seen and craft your messaging and marketing to reinforce that goal. Post with intention and know how it all works to get you from point A to point B.

My client, Daryn, worked with me on digging into his bigger why for business. Beyond making money, what was the point? Before, his messaging was bland and forgetable (sorry!) but now? His content is strong, opinionated, engaging, and strategic. He draws people in, builds a relationship through his content (which he can now do because he is clear about his brand’s voice and tone), and knows how everything in his content and business work together to help him reach the vision he has for his business.

Knowing the heart and soul of your business allows you to stand out and differentiate yourself from others. It gives you the freedom to fully embrace your vision and speak authentically about topics you care about.

When you are clear on these foundational elements, content messaging and marketing becomes easier and more effective. Your brand does a lot of the heavy lifting so that by the time someone gets on the phone with you, they’re already sold. You don’t need to “overcome objections” or try to convince anyone of anything. Your brand has created a relationship for you. These calls are more like “Yes conversations”.

Doing each of these three things have taken my clients from the 10k plateau and taken them to 20-30k months and beyond. More importantly, they’re working with their next-level clients and enjoying the work they do. They’re building consultancies and businesses that support the lifestyle they want to have.

You can do this too.

Download my guide on positioning yourself as the premium option.

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