Have you outgrown your brand?

Scaling your business is equally exciting as it is stressful.

You’re busier and pulled in 10-different directions. Chances are, your marketing collateral isn’t consistent and your messaging may not be in alignment anymore.

Throughout your business growth, you may have changed the services and products offered, you may have niched down or changed your target market completely, and you may have even revised your mission.

It’s time for an upgrade.

Strategy and Design

Through my brand strategy process, I’ll work with you to create a strategic roadmap that will help you with your positioning statement, brand voice, messaging, and overall brand strategy.


Not only will I help you craft a brand that is memorable and connects you with your target market, I’ll also help you implement your brand – whether that is through web design, package design, social media graphics, or marketing collateral. 

You're Not Alone

This is collaborative and most likely, you’ll have questions. You have access to unlimited voxer and  email support to address any questions you have, go over ideas or work out challenges you’re presented with.

The ProlificBanana Process

01.  Research & Strategy

Brand Research and Strategy

This phase is all about learning. I learn about your business, industry, who you’re wanting to target. In order to make educated decisions, we need to see what the lanscape looks like.

This will be combined in a brand strategy guide, which will also help create the brand style guide later on.


  • Brand Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Customer Research
    • Company / Industry Research
  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Attributes
  • User Analysis
  • User Journey
  • Service Features & Benefits

02. Visuals

Production & Creative

Now that the research and strategy have been developed, we can begin creating the visual direction of your brand.

The preliminary work in the initial phase allows us to make smart business decisions. Every decision will be influenced and supported by the information we’ve uncovered. While pretty logos are fun to look at – effective logos that connect you to your audience is the name of the game here at ProlificBanana.


Brand visuals will include:

  • Primary Logo Mark
  • Secondary Logo Mark
  • Icon and favicon
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Imagery
  • Textures
  • Patterns

03. Implementation

Brand Collateral

In order to for the brand strategy to be effective, marketing collateral, advertising, and all other facets of your brand need to be consistent and cohesive. This reinforces the experience a person has with you brand, building the know, like, trust factor.


Building a brand is an extensive process that can oftentimes feel overwhelming. I’ve created a detailed overview of the process and what you can expect and what would be needed from your end as well as mine.


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