Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Make more sales and reach more of the right people

You’re ready to connect all of the dots in your business (because let’s be honest.. after you’ve been at it for a while, there are quite a few dots to keep track of).

You’re looking to create a cohesive experience for your clients and show up as the experienced professional you are.

Your business has evolved and you’re needing to refine and focus so that you can start focusing on achieving those newer, bigger goals.

It’s time for an upgrade.


Brand Strategy

Through my brand strategy process, I’ll work with you to create a strategic roadmap that will help you with your positioning statement, brand voice, messaging, and overall brand strategy.

Brand Design

After we create a  brand strategy that positions your business to attract perfect-fit clients, we’ll create the visual components of your brand. This includes the logo design, color palette, typography, and other brand elements. 

Update Touchpoints

The touchpoints of your business need to be consistent with the core of your brand. Your site will be aligned with your mission and speak to your audience, allowing you to easily direct them to take specific actions that help you reach your financial goals.

This package is designed to help you make more sales to the right clients through a three step approach. We’ll upgrade your brand strategy, brand design, and also update all of your major touchpoints. 

With this package, you’ll: 

  • Have a cohesive brand and brand strategy so that all parts of your business work together. 
  • Feel confident in what you are selling and who you are selling to so that you amplify your sales.
  • Hone in on your best offerings so that you can clearly see how to grow your business easily.
  • Give your business a clear direction, so it can grow beyond you – giving you more freedom and control.   
  • Be confident in your ability to stand out from the crowd through a compelling Brand Strategy.

Bottom line is that you are going to have the confidence to take your brand to the next level, make more sales and reach more of the right people. 

Megan has impeccable experience with brand strategy, and consultancy. She provided invaluable coaching resources to help me steer my brand in the right direction.

-Ryan Reiffenberger, Reiffenberger.NET

The ProlificBanana Process Breakdown

  1. The first thing we are going to do is hold a kick-off call to establish goals and define how we’ll measure the success for this project. 
  2. Either during that same call or a new one, we’ll start the 3-step process for a client-attracting brand.
  3. The first 2 or 3 meetings will be long – about 2 hours each. It’s important that we dive deep into your brand, your goals, and your market. 
  4. After that, we’ll have a weekly meeting to touch base, update you on the process, and review any materials that have been worked on.

You also have access to me through email and voxer.

Want more details? Read more below.

01.  Research & Strategy (3 weeks)

Brand Research and Strategy

We’ll work to establish goals and direction for your business. This means defining who your brand is and how you want to be perceived by your ideal client.

This includes everything from  your core values and mission to your brand voice and tone.

You’ll have clarity on how you’re different and why that makes you the BEST option for your target market.

This will become the framework and compass for your brand – everything we build will be to reinforce this framework.


  • Brand Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Customer Research
    • Company / Industry Research
    • Target Market 
  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Attributes
  • Customer Journey
  • Service Features & Benefits

02. Visuals (1 month)

Production & Creative

Now that the research and strategy have been developed, we can begin creating the visual direction of your brand.

The preliminary work in the initial phase allows us to make smart business decisions. Every decision will be influenced and supported by the information we’ve uncovered. While pretty logos are fun to look at – effective logos that connect you to your audience is the name of the game here at ProlificBanana.

Read my detailed logo design process.


Brand visuals will include:

  • Primary Logo Mark
  • Secondary Logo Mark
  • Icon and favicon
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Imagery
  • Textures
  • Patterns

03. Website Design + Development (6 weeks)

Your website is a powerful marketing tool.  

Now that we’ve refined and focused the mission of your business and who you’re targeting, it’s time that your website reflected your new goals. You’ll have a custom website strategy that directs your website visitors to take specific actions that funnel them into working with you.

No cookie-cutter template – all custom to your goals and the needs of your target market.

Learn more about what you get. 

  • Website Strategy Session
  • Custom Battle Plan
  • Up to 20 pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Design
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Email Marketing Service Integration

**Additional needs will need to be discussed and added to the base package**

04. Additional Support (optional)

Brand Collateral

In order to for the brand strategy to be effective, marketing collateral, advertising, and all other facets of your brand need to be consistent and cohesive. This reinforces the experience a person has with you brand, building the know, like, trust factor.

The full brand package ensures you walk away with:

Your needs may extend beyond updating a website and that is something I am happy to help you with. Here are other touchpoints that I can help you update.


The Client Attraction Brand Upgrade

Timeline: 4-months

Investment: $8000

$2000/mo for 4 months (or $6500 if paid in-full)



I help service providers package their expetise into a brand that positions their business to attract perfect-fit clients.




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