Best-Kept Secret to Booked-Out Industry Expert.

Elevate your brand. Master your message.

Consultants, coaches, service providers, and leaders – You know your stuff and you get great results. 

Your brand doesn’t reflect the quality of work you do or the impact you make.

It’s time for your presence to reflect your power and purpose.

You’re ready to grow your authority and be seen as the go-to person for your specialty.

Grab a guide on building your brand authority.

The Best-Kept Secret

Before you invest money in paid traffic, get rid of the duct tape and lean into what you’re already doing well. You know your brand – it’s time to define it so you can quickly and easily articulate who your brand is, what it’s about, and why your audience needs to work with you. Create a solid strategy so you can grow your business into a brand without spending more money and time.

 You’ll make more sales and reach even more of the right people because you will have the foundation to massively gain visibility without losing people in your sales funnel.

Brand strategist and designer in Iowa. Logo Design, web design, branding.

Let your brand do the heavy lifting for you.

What used to work isn’t working anymore (or as well as you’d like it to).

New level, new devil (as people like to say).

Leveling-up can be uncomfortable and frustrating. What used to work often doesn’t work as well as it used to. A new approach, a new strategy, a more clearer focus could be what catapults your business into growing into the 7-figure, impact-making brand you envision.

Through my Authority Accelerator Framework, I help entrepreneurs,  consultants, and coaches define (and refine) their authentic brands that better connect with their audience, establishing them as the go-to expert in their field.

3 ways to work together

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Brand Roadmap Audit

60-minute session

We’ll comb through your business and look at where you need work. I’ll review your online presence (website + social media platforms)

You’ll walk away with a custom roadmap of what needs works on to help you reach your unique business goals.


Authority Builders Membership

Bite-sized branding tips with videos, worksheets, and templates so you can take quick action while getting feedback and support from like-minded service providers, coaches, and consultants.


Join the membership


1:1 Brand Authority Accelerator

Elevate your messaging and positioning. Communicate your expertise and the value of your services so you can attract better clients consistently. 

By positioning Karen as the go-to person in her space, she was able to secure high-ticket coaching clients and pre-sell multiple books with ease.

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Megan helped me nail my messaging to position my business and offers in a way so it’s much clearer to my clients and followers; how I can help them so it’s clear that I am the go-to expert in money mindset and work-life balance. I now feel confident and excited to move forward scaling to 6 figures this year. 

By positioning Jessica as the go-to conversion copywriting consultant who gets results, she had clients begging to get started, signing a high-ticket client less than 2-weeks after launch.

This client was a cold contact too, so if you want to know more… Click here.

About ProlificBanana

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You can also call me Megan.

I’ve been designing professionally for close to 15 years, working both in the corporate world and with design agencies and marketing firms; now I work with B2B consultants and coaches. As a fellow entrepreneur, seasoned brand strategist, and designer, I’ll help you develop a strategy, create brand visuals that reinforce your brand, and overhaul your website so that it moves you towards your bigger business goals efficently and smoothly.

Kirsten Beske, Life Redesign Coach 

Kirsten talks with me about how things have changed in her business since our work together, as well as how it was to go through my Brand Accelerator program. 

Ryan Reiffenberger

Through realigning his brand and positioning his business to attract the clients he really wanted to work with, he was able to go from working a part-time job to signing on a 10-store, 5-state deal.

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Within a week and a half of making adjustments using her advice, our online traffic has doubled, and our retention is much higher.