Stop Playing Small.

Step up and strategically build a brand that helps you scale to 7-figures while staying in alignment with your big vision.

It’s time to leverage your brand so you can scale your business and hit that million-dollar mark.

Before you invest more money in paid ads, get rid of the duct tape and go all-in with a polished and cohesive brand that has a rock solid strategy so you can grow confidently and smoothly while staying in alignment.

 You’ll make more sales and reach even more of the right people because you will have the foundation to massively gain visibility without losing people in your sales funnel.

I think it’s time small business owners take the world by storm. Through entrepreneurship, we can put money back into our local economies and build the lives we dreamt of when we started our businesses.

Through my Authority Accelerator Framework, I help B2B consultants and coaches build brands that thrive and grow while staying in alignment with their big vision.

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Brand strategist and designer in Iowa. Logo Design, web design, branding.


Develop The Core of Your Brand:

My Authority Accelerator Framework

We’ll spend the next month developing the four essential pillars of your brand.

  1. Define Your Brand DNA
  2. Determine Your Strategic Positioning in the Marketplace
  3. Develop a Strong Brand Persona
  4. Design your Client-Attracting Messaging Framework


Visual Identity Design System

Visual design is powerful – if it’s following the right strategy. We’ll design visuals that attract clients who don’t question your pricing and are a breeze to work with. 

Not only will you look good, but you’ll have a system and process to follow so you can design your marketing collateral consistently across platforms (or hand off to a designer). No more guessing or trend-chasing.



Implementation is the most important part of this ensure things are on track we:

1. Create Marketing Milestones

A plan without action is meaningless.

We will outline the specific marketing milestones that will lead you to accomplishing your brand vision and business goals so all you need to do is implement.

2. Brand Consulting.

We’ll review your progress and ensure you’re on track to meeting your goals while staying aligned. We’ll make sure you are working the plan, and the plan is working for you.

By positioning Karen as the go-to person in her space, she was able to secure high-ticket coaching clients and pre-sell multiple books with ease.

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Megan helped me nail my messaging to position my business and offers in a way so it’s much clearer to my clients and followers; how I can help them so it’s clear that I am the go-to expert in money mindset and work-life balance. I now feel confident and excited to move forward scaling to 6 figures this year. 

By positioning Jessica as the go-to conversion copywriting consultant who gets results, she had clients begging to get started, signing a high-ticket client less than 2-weeks after launch.

This client was a cold contact too, so if you want to know more… Click here.

You can also call me Megan.

I’ve been designing professionally for close to 15 years, working both in the corporate world and with design agencies and marketing firms; now I work with B2B consultants and coaches. As a fellow entrepreneur, seasoned brand strategist, and designer, I’ll help you develop a strategy, create brand visuals that reinforce your brand, and overhaul your website so that it moves you towards your bigger business goals efficently and smoothly.

Megan Vaughan Brand strategist and designer

Brandyn Campbell Communications

 Brandyn Campbell was looking to clearly define who she wanted to work with and how to position her business to attract other service providers looking for a comprehensive copywriting solution that allowed their brand to shine.

Ryan Reiffenberger

Through realigning his brand and positioning his business to attract the clients he really wanted to work with, he was able to go from working a part-time job to signing on a 10-store, 5-state deal.


Within a week and a half of making adjustments using her advice, our online traffic has doubled, and our retention is much higher.


I help entrepreneurs, consultants, and service providers scale past 6-figures by positioning them as authorities through brand consulting, brand strategy, visual brand design, and website development. 




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